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abdominal pregnancy:

A rare type extrauterine pregnancy that develops in the abdominal-cavity or in the outer intestinal wall often due to a defect in the fallopian tube or uterus. An ectopic pregnancy of this type may be diagnosed by ultrasound or X-ray films. It very rarely proceeds to term (perinatal death of the fetus occurs in +/- 90% of cases) and there are risks of fatal bleeding by the mother (maternal deaths occur in +/- 6% of cases). A study entitled Cocaine use as a risk factor for abdominal pregnancy (J Natl Med Assoc 1998 May; 90(5):277-283) claims that out of ' 55 cases of abdominal pregnancy maternal cocaine use correlated with a 20% rate of increase in the incidence of abdominal pregnancy compared with the 70% rate of decrease in the before cocaine time period '.
Synonyms: extrauterine pregnancy, extrauterine gestation .
See Also: abdominal abortion, abdominal delivery, abdominal pregnancy, abortion rate, about to drop, accidental abortion, acyesis, awkward, belly plea, coitus fecundus, cyesis, danse du ventre, due, fruitfully, ITA, obstetrician, ready to drop, reproductive health, reproductive responsability, spastic colon, taking precautions, to be late, to be over ones time, tocophobia, V.T.P.

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