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adult book:

Pornographic book; may also refer to magazines and posters.
See Also: adult book, adult bookshop, Adult Verification Service, age of majority, Age Verification Service, atelia, AVS, beefcake books, belfa, bib, blow book, cacoethes, cervical hostility, cherry top, consenting adult, diddley-poo, dookey, ecstasy intoxication, esurient, frontispiece, fuck book, gallop the antelope, GIDAANT, grump, haddock pastie, hand book, heliogabalus, hermaphy, hirsute oyster, inunctionism, jintoe, kiss-kiss, lamma hutching, levator vaginae, monoclinous, one-on-one booth, orectic, Perfumed Garden, The, plushie, pocketbook, quebrachine, sex shop, sextainment, stroke book, tragalist, upavishta, urethrorrhea ex ubidine, willy wensleydale, winny-popper, yakum

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