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amorous glance:

A loving , inviting, or flirtatious glance.
Synonyms: the bedroom eye ; come-hither-eyes ; come-hither-look ; come-on; the come-on eye ; come-up-and-see-me-sometime-look ; fond look; get-the-eye ; glad eye ; goo-goo eye(s); googly-eyes ; languishing-look ; leer ; mash-eye ; the ogle ; the O.O ; oeillade ; pash-eye ; side-glance ; sheep's-eyes .

Quote: Jim Brewster (Bob Hope) about (Betty Grable) in Give Me a Sailor (1938): ' And those eyes! Stop and go signals if ever I saw any .'

See Also: adelophilia, bambi, bedroom eyes, cast sheep's eyes, flirtatious eyes, fool for dames, a, ganderers, girl-crazy, give 'em thisa and thata, give a double-O, give someone the eye, give someone the glad eye, give the bedroom eyes, give the come-on eye, give the double-O, give the eye, give the glad eye, give the mash eye, give the pash eye, goo-goo eyes, have a dame complex, have flapperitis, leer, look babies in the eye, lovesome, make goo-goo eyes, make googly eyes at, make sheep's eyes, O.O, oeillade, pash eye, roll one's eyes at, sheep's eyes, shooting eyes at, turn on the lamps

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