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A tie or bond, such as affection , love , loyalty, fidelity, devotion. See love for synonyms.
See Also: Accu-Jac, affection, algophilia, anaclisis, anaclitism, andromimetophilia, androphilia, apotemnophilia, arachnephilia, asphyxiophilia, autagonistophilia, autoabasiophilia, autoagonistophilia, autoassassinatophilia, autoassassinophilia, autonepiophilia, autophilia, care, choreophilia, chrematisophilia, chronophilia, claustrophilia, doraphilia, fetishism, harpaxophilia, heterophilia, hierophilia, hodophilia, homilophilia, hygrophilia, hyphephilia, knocker, maieusiophilia, paraphilic infantilism, taphephilia, taphophilia, timophilia, violet wand

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