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back talk:

Or: back talk :

1. Impudent, insolent, or argumentative retorts; disrespectful rudeness.
Synonyms: answering back ; defiance; disrespect; disrespectfulness; flippancy; freshness; impertinence; impudence; insolence; quid pro quo; sass .

2. To fart . See fart for synonyms.

See Also: a-one and a-two and a-three, amychesis, arse up, ass-a-holic, baby talk, back talk, backtalk, BDTs, beetleskin, BRB, breather, bullshit, burn the grass, chat down, chat up, chip the lips, coitus à cheval, commercial phone sex, computease, coronal sulcus, cremie, a, Danny Debonaire, delo diam, delo nammow, diarrhea of the mouth, dick peddler, draw the blinds, drip, full of wind and piss, hump ribs, lagneuomania, lip, lubra, paper ass, pussy talk, raspberry tart, ratchet-jaw, ratchet-mouth, rear guard, rolling, sass, skinned, soft nothings, spoon fashion, sweet nothings, swoony, talk slop, talk trash, tradesmens entrance, TTYL, usher, word freak, workman's entrance

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