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batting practice:

Euphemism for male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: allantotrioism, amatripsis, anorast, auto-fisting, bat one's eyes at, bats for both sides, bats for the other side, batting for both sides, batting for the other side, bondage queen, bundler, butthole surfing, carnalism, casigamy marriage, diasteunia, felch queen, fetishistic cross-dressing, genitomorphism, gut reaming, manual labor, manustupration, old battle-axe, polygamy, proxenetism, pull out, rheomism, sadism, screw some ass, scrotilinctus, scrotilingus, SM dyke, stick and bangers, syntribadism, typhlobasia, vaginal urination, whoremongery, worship at the back altar

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