Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. Heavily built ; heavy and muscular; brawny.

2. Large and overweight.
Synonyms: adipose; ample; beefy; bloated; bosomy ; brawny; broad ; burly ; busty ; buxom ; chubby ; chunky; convex; corpulent; cuddly; dimpled; dimply; double-chinned; dumpy; expanded; Falstaffian; fat; fat as a pig ; flabby; fleshy ; full; gross; hearty; heavy; hefty; husky ; jolly; lusty ; meaty; obese; of large proportions; on the plump side; overweight; paunchy; plump ; plump as a pudding ; plumpish; porcine; portly ; potbellied; pudgy; pudgy; puffy; pulpy; roly-poly ; rotund ; round as a dumpling; round; Rubenesque ; sarcous; square ; squat ; stalwart; stocky; stout; strapping ; thick; tubby ; weighty; well-padded; well-fed; zaftig .

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