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bend over:

1. Or: bend-down , to assume a position appropriate for vaginal or anal-copulation from the rear by bending at the waist. Ben Dover is also a pseudonym assumed by people with a sexual sense of humor; is also the stage name of a male porn star.


(1) Jerry Beck (Don Johnson) in Dead-Bang (1989): ' He'd bend over for a pack of cigarettes .'

(2) Andrew Dice Clay guest starring on the Rodney Dangerfield comedy special Nothin' Goes Right (1988): ' Old Mother Hubbard / Went to the cupboard / To get her old dog a bone . / She bent over / Rover took over / She got a bone of her own .'

2. To bend somebody over, to perform anal-intercourse on someone. See anal-copulation for synonyms.

3. Stage name for a porno star: Ben Dover.

See Also: American trombone, bend down, bend over, bottle of scent, broken-wrist, coitus wheel, forest, hang a b.a., have a bent dick, jaihouse turnout, nine bob, Stoke-on-Trent

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