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black joke:

1. British usage for the female genitals . See vagina for synonyms.

2. The genitals of a black woman . See vagina for synonyms.

See Also: a bit of ebony, a piece of dark meat, ace of spades, African queen, Afrodite, B, B & D dyke, batcaver, BCH, Beulah-lover, bit of ebony, bit of ebony goodness, black bagging, black box, black hole, black in white, black jack, black limo, black Maria, black meat, black pencil, black ring, black snake, black velvet, blackjack, blackleg, blackroom, blacksmiths shop, blue humor, blue joke, blue skin, bondage bra, boong-moll, boot slave, broad jest, brown Betty, Brown Joe, brown sugar, can of brown polish, charcoal blossom, charcoal lily, chocolate bunny, chocolate drop, chocolate lover, Clarence Coon, coal burner, coprophagist, cyprinolalia, dark meat, dinge queen, dinge-rim queen, dirty joke, ditsoon, dusky dame, Egyptian queen, femoke, Gertrude Brown, Goth, grey broad, hippy-witch, hot piece of dark meat, Irish beauty, Jemima, jungle meat, kabuki, licorice stick, locker-room humor, melanophobia, midnight lace, midnight queen, mulatto, negrera, off-color, permanent mascara, piece of dark meat, Queen of Sheba, Queen of Spades, rare piece of dark meat, raven beauty, shadrack, skillet queen, snow queen, soul sauce, sugar brown, sunkist queen, sweet chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, vanilla queen, warpath lips, white meat turkey on pumpernickel, zebra'd, Zulu princess, zulubruiser

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