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blended orgasm:

In sexology , a combination of the tenting-orgasm (caused by stimulation of the clitoris) and the A-frame or uterine-orgasm (caused by stimulation of the G-spot).
See also: A-frame-orgasm ; tenting-orgasm .
See Also: A-frame orgasm, agonorgasmos, algorgasmia, androgynous, anorgasmia, bang it, big O, blended orgasm, bust one's nuts, bust your nuts, clitoral orgasm, come together, concurrent climax, crash one's muck, experience an orgasm, experience orgasm, get one's cookies (off), get ones gun off, get over the mountain, get your gun off, get your nuts off, get your oats, get your rocks off, go over the mountain, have a sexual reflex, have a spasm, have one's chimes rung, have one's ticket punched, hit the top, hysterical paroxysm, let go, light off, light up, mort douce, multiple climax, mutual climax, mutual orgasm, over the mountain, peak, pleasure someone, pop a nut, pop one's cookies, pop one's nuts, pop your cookies, reach the big O, ring her bell, run with the world, satisfy oneself, self-gratification, sexual climax, sexual orgasm, simultaneous climax, simultaneous orgasm, spooch, spoof, spooge, sweet agony, sweet death, take one's pleasure, tardorgasmus, tender agony, tenting orgasm, thrill, thrill and chill, top of the hill, UFOs, uterine orgasm, woodworker

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