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blood of the first night:

The loss of virginity on the wedding night.
See Also: acquired immune deficiency syndrome, all-nighter, archorrhea, bach night, bachelor night, bad disease, bed bugs, blood of the first night, boner nochy, break, break luck, breaking luck, camel night, cheek bite, coitus nocturnus, cremie, a, darksetting, droit du seigneur, female impersonator, feminine heart pumper, fille de nuit, floor show, have a wet dream, jus primae noctis, night baseball, night exercise(s), night games, night job, night poacher, night trader, night-bird, night-hunter, night-snap, nockstress, noctiphobia, nocturne, nychtophobia, nyctohylophobia, nyctophobia, right of the first night, temperature eroticism, trick day, trick night, vacation, vacationer, vampire, vampire sex, vampirism

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