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caught with his pants down:

1. Caught or taken by surprise; unprepared.

2. Caught in the act , caught in-flagrante-delicto .

See Also: arse curtains, basket lunch, basket weaving, broad in the beam, broad-beamed, bun-pressers, capris, caught by the short hairs, caught with his pants down, caught with his trousers down, chicken-with-a-basket, Chill out!, clap eyes on, clap one's eyes on, come-fuck-me's, cop a bird, cop a joint, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, fall for, fleas and ants, fucked by the fickle finger of fate, hairy banana, homophylophilia, hot-panted woman, in flagrante delicto, insects and ants, itchy pants, lay eyes on, lay one's eyes on, leg-crushers, panty pisser, pokes, riders, set eyes on, shuttle-butt, tasty-cover(s), unbetty, up and down, wearer of the breeches, zipper sex, zoo-style

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