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closed relationship:

A monogamous relationship or partnership.
See Also: adulterous affair, affair of love, affair of the heart, Andrew phenomenon, androgynous fucking, another way to love, bag off, baker's closed, BF, big tender, bikini, bosom buddy, Boston marriage, brutal breasting, bust up, C-light, catch on the rebound, chum, chummy, closed door, closed relationship, closed swinging, cohabitarche, commit to someone, country marriage, cummy face, cunt light, December-May romance, deficiency love, desperation number, devitalized relationship, domestic partner, exclusive relationship, extramarital affair, fam, fence painting, grease the wheel, homegirl, illicit affair, illicit liaison, illicit relationship, illicit romance, in-sisters, jizzer, just good friends, liaison, mason, master-slave, monster shot, open marriage, palsies, palsy-walsy, poke pants, pokes, poon light, rob the cradle, romantic affair, rug, sexual liaison, slave, slavemaster, slaver, stovepipe, take up with someone, tip out, trial marriage, typhlobasia, up close and personal, walkout, wear boxer shorts, whiff of lavender

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