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closet name:

Pen name used by a gay author.
See Also: A-200, abortus spontaneous, adult toystore, altar room, arse bender, ball gown, bessie, bloke, blue angel, breeder fish, candy pants, canned fruit, capris, Chinese Love Beads, closet name, closet queer, closet, the, Common Garden, covert homosexual, dunny, Eight Wonder of the World, The, eyeball the back of the closet door, flavor comic, frequent flyer, Galilee stompers, girdle of purity, go public, gonorrheal rheumatism, in the closet, iron closet, jump out with both feet, lily, love dust, milking machine, nomatophobia, Oriental Love Beads, out, Safe Ears, Siamese Strings, slips, String of Pearls, tenderfoot, Tonya, W.C., wear a mourning veil

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