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cocked gun:

An erect penis . See penis for synonyms.
See Also: a bit of flat, alley, almond rock, bit of flat, C & B bondage, C & B play, C & B Torture, C and B torture, C.T., C/B/T/T, cassock, CB, CBB, CBT, CBTT, CO, cock, cock in her eye, Cock Lane, cock paste, cock porridge, cock snot, cock-pleaser, cock-sucking, cockaholic, cockatrice, cockknuckle, cockshire, cockteasing, CT, dickery-dock, dickory-dock, flat tail, gangster's moll, get some cock, get some cold cock, gun, hock, jobblies, jubblies, jublies, pichita de oro, play at cock in cover, weapon, Winchester Geese

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