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code brown:

A code word for anal-intercourse . See anal-copulation for synonyms.
See Also: 3 point shot, 3-Bs, 40-5, 99, accordion solo, B.Q., B.S., black handkerchief, blue handkerchief, brown, brown eye miner, Brown family, brown handkerchief, brown star, Browning family, Browning sister, Browning sisters, BS, burgundy handkerchief, cafeteria, canine interest(s), code brown, dark blue handkerchief, forty/five, full-service, handkerchief codes, hot turds, licentiousness, light blue handkerchief, light touch body rub, mud pies, ninety-nine, orbit, queer hanky code, relaxation rubdown, relief massage, right hip pocket, RR 1, RR 2, RR 3, Rural Route 1, Rural Route 2, Rural Route 3, S-word, southern massage, thirsty, velcro arse, yellow handkerchief

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