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coitus saxonicus:

A birth-control method consisting in squeezing the urethra at the base of the penis immediately prior to ejaculation forcing the semen back into the urinary-bladder .
Etymology: Dates back to the 5 th century and the invasion of England by the Germanic Saxons allegedly because these people practiced this method of contraception.
See also: coitus-obstructus retrograde ejaculation .
See Also: a tergo, Browning sister, coital, coiture, coitus a posteriori, coitus a tergo, coitus acceptus, coitus fear, coitus incompletus, coitus more ferarum, coitus obstructus, coitus pluvius, coitus siccus, coitus sodomus, copulating, get off at Redfern, getting of at Gateshead, leave before the gospel, Post coitum triste omni est, pull out, sexarche, titillatione mammarum, vaginal urination, works, the

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