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commit divorce:

To divorce .
See Also: bigamist, break the seal, break up, catch on the rebound, commit divorce, corespondent, D, desertion, deuterogamy, dewife, digamy, Disneyland daddy, dissolution (of marriage), divorce, divorcee, divorcification, divorcified, divorcify, enosiophobia, get it Reno-vated, get Reno-vated, get unhitched, go foomph, go into matchruptcy, go matchrupt, go Renoverboard, have it dissolved, have it Reno'd, have it Reno-vated, holy deadlock, incomepatibility, incompatrouble, matchrupcy, melt the seal, renokay, renorush, renovate, renovation, renoverboarding, Renovorce, shatter the seal, shattered seal, split act, the, split the blanket, splitment, splits, the, Splitsville, starter marriage, unlock the handcuffs, untie the knot

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