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copping clothes:

A pimp's best set of clothes worn when luring new recruits into his stable .
See Also: Adam and Eves togs, angel's gear, bare, bare-naked (and in the flesh), bare-skinned, bared, be in a state of nature, be in a state of undress, biker, boudoir photo, catch a bird, come stain, cop a bird, cop a joint, copping clothes, cross-dressing, cum stain, Dahlia dyke, decorations, diked out, dis con, dolly drag, drag, drag party, drive-in levis, eat with the hands, feel up, fetish wear, fetishistic cross-dressing, give someone a grope, glad rags, grab a bird, groper, gussy up, hippy-witch, honk, into leather, krud, not a stitch on, peanut smuggling, pecker tracks, pimp fronts, queen-size(d), slow exotic, square, state of nature, state of undress, steal a bird, Sunday clothes, sweetheart neckline, take somebody's pulse, thesauromania, tic-tac smuggling, tic-tacs, transvest, transvestism, transvestitism, trick suit, trousseau, TV discipline, vestiophobia, vestiphobia, wearing only a smile, wearing only what mother nature provided, whistle and flute, ZZZs

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