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cream for:

Of a male, to yearn, to lust-after someone; to be climactically excited at the thought or sight of someone. See horny for synonyms.
See Also: acne, appetence, appetency, appetite, ardor veneris, back-door milkman, bananas and cream, candidiasis, carnal desire, cream, cream jug, cream one's knickers, cream-catcher, cremorne, diaphragm, dream whip, eskimo pie, fervent, fervid, French dressing, give pussy a taste of cream, ice cream machine, moniliasis, Norgen-Vaazes, rich cream sauce, scabies, scabs, squeezing the cream from the twinkie, take in cream, top drawer, twink, twinkie, twinky, vaginal secretions, vaginal yeast infection, wet dream, yeast infection, yen

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