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Person who stimulates the vulva and clitoris with the mouth and tongue by kissing, licking and sucking.
Synonyms: cunnilingist ; cunnilinguant ; cunnophile . See cunnilinctor and cunnilinctrice for more synonyms.

Quote: Money Penny to James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) in Tomorrow Never Dies (1998): 'You always were a cunning-linguist , James' . James is at that time 'brushing up on a Little Danish'. Britishers can't resist a pun, good or bad .

See Also: cat-lapper, cunnilingam, cunnilingham, cunnilingist, cunnilinguant, cunning linguist, cuntlapper, diver, gamahucheur, homophagist, lick-twat, lickbox, linguist, lover under the lap, mohuncher, muff-diver, muffer, Oom Paul, top-diver

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