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dog days:

(The days of) menstruation . See menstruation for synonyms.
See Also: 24/7, 24/7/365, birthday, BVDs, canine interest(s), carpe diem, CFD, crave, cynophilia, cynophobia, Disneyland daddy, do a dogs rig, Doering Rule, dog clutch, dog days, dog fashion, dog style, dog ways, dog-knotted, dog-locked, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, doggy-do, Fuck a duck!, fucked without getting kissed, horse-fuck, kynophobia, Lassie fashion, making a dogs match of it, mammalian position, menstruation, more canino, nine-to-fiver, penis captivus, poke party, poodle, puppy love, queen for a day, Saint Valentine's Day, twenty-four seven, twilight, wet day, whoring days, zoo number

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