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double penetration:

Simultaneous penetration of both the vagina and anus .
See Also: abyss, anophelophobia, balls deep in the furry fun house, behind door work, bread buttered on both sides, bunker-shy, calf-sticking, cockstupration, coitus a posteriori, cook the kettle, corephallia, DAP, DINKS, dog fashion, dog ways, doggie style, doggy style, doggy ways, double dong, double dude, double event, double fire, double fuck, double harness, double payment, double penetration, double peptide, DP, DPP, forced Greek, fore and after, genupectoral, give a double-O, heavy petting, hot cross bun, jack-and-jill-off party, Lassie fashion, let in, love seat, O.O, P and P, penoanal intercourse, penovaginal intercourse, R-Rated, TP, twofer

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