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finger fuck:

Or: fingerfuck :

1. Of a female, to masturbate . See masturbation-female for synonyms.

2. To introduce and move a finger or fingers into the vagina in a copulatory-like manner (sometimes with the additional pleasure of rubbing a thumb or finger against the clitoris).

3. To insert a finger into the anus of a sex partner .

See Also: 3-Fs, 4-F(s), a-one and a-two and a-three, anal play, anal sexual play, arse-fuck, assed up, B.F.D., backhand drive, bell ringers, big bird, big F, the, breakthrough, broken balls, buttered finger, cattle truck, charvered, Chew my shorts!, cleaning your fingers, cock-pluck, coitus inter digitae, DF, digitus infamis, Donald, F-ing, F.I.N.E., feck, ferk, fickey fick, fico, finger, finger blasting, finger fuck, finger job, finger pie, firk, five-finger Mary, five-fingered Annie, Four Fs, four sisters on thumb street, foutering, fricatrix, frigstress, FTW, fuck, Fuck a duck!, Fuck me gently!, Fuck me pink!, fuck one's fist, fuck princess, fuck rubber, fuck the fist, fuck your fist, fuck-nutty, fuckathon, fucking rubber, fuckle, fuckpig, fucks like a rattlesnake, fucus, fugly, fulke, give the fig, goose and duck, hold a bowling ball, horse-fuck, Joe Buck, kit-kat shuffler, Lady Five Fingers, longer and linger, Lord knows where, Madam(e) Thumb and her four daughters, Mary Palm, masturbation-female, masturbatoress, middle finger salute, Mother Fist and her five daughters, Mrs. Hand and the five fingers, Mrs. Palm and her five daughters, old lady five fingers, play stink-anger, play stinky-pinky, push in the truck, pussy-whanker, R.A.F., Russian duck, stink-finger, stinky-finger, sugar finger, tenpin, thelemassation, three F's, throw a bird, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, ticklers, tits-up, TMFA, toby finger (salute), toby salute, tummy-fuck, up your ass!, veuve poignet, weasel buffer, zinzanbruck

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