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Describes the condition of the penis before and after an erection. In the 1960s, some lexicographers referred to the unaroused state of the male penis as penis promissus .
Synonyms: detumescent; flabby; lax (and soft); limp ; not erect; not firm; relaxed; soft.
See Also: bent dick, bent stick, cock and ball bondage, cold meat, cold pig, croopy, dangler, dead infertile, dead lizard, dead rabbit, dead soldier, dead stick, dead worm, deadwood, detumescence, detumescence of the penis, dingle-dangle, dolphin, doodle, drooper, drooping member, droopy, dropping member, enfeebled, flap-doodle, flip-flap, flounder, fuck-beggar, half a cob, Hanging Johnny, have a bent dick, have a broken machine, Irish horse, Irish rise, lame duck, limp, lob cock, lob prick, membrum virile flaccidum, Mister Softy, no lead in his pencil, no money in his wallet, no toothpaste in the tube, pendulum, penile detumescence, sleeping beauty, softy, tassel, tired-rabbit, wave, wet noodle, wet spaghetti, whiskey dick, wiltshire, wimpy dick, wrinkled dick

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