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1. In US high schools, an attractive female.

2. In 19 th century England, a prostitute , based on fly meaning artful, cunning and streetwise. See prostitute for synonyms.

See Also: airborne copulation, albedosynia, apartment girl, auto pimp, B-G, B-girl, babia majora, baby child, bankside lady, beach bunny, beddies, Blackout Romeo, bloody red flag is up, the, bumps, Button your arse!, C-girl, C-lady, calf love, call flat, cherry-merry, chick fancier, chick-a-biddy, chick-pic, chickabiddy, chicken head, chickie, chicklet, chickybabe, chiclet, cleft underside, cliner, coddy-moddy, cooker, corephallia, corephallism, crusher, cuddle and kiss, eirog, Elvira, face on a stick, fille de joie, fille de nuit, fishtail, fly, fly manually, flying manual, girl-crazy, girleen, girlish, glitterbag, high postage, hippy-witch, hoydon, ivory pearl, karena, kiddy freak, korephile, little charmer, mackadocious, mother of pearl, nectar, ocean pearl, parthenophobia, Playboys Playmate, pom-poms, ponce off, pony, pre-woman, red baron, red flag, the, reel in the biscuit, rita, scab, scrag, sex bunny, sex kitten, shop door, skinz, spinners, sub-deb, tail chicken, tail over the dashboard, tender chick, tenderoni, thelyflorescence, Turkish medal, twirl, twist and twirl, val, virgin airlines, wallet girl, winds do whirl, work from the book, working woman, Yankee heaven, zebra'd, zimmer, zipper morals

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