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food metaphor:

The imagery of food drawn upon to characterize women and the female genitals as edible objects for male consumption. Foods are also associated with sex , sexual-intercourse and the male genitals .

Examples of food metaphor:

1. VAGINA / VULVA: artichoke ; bacon-sandwich ; basket-of-goodies ; beefbox; bit-of-jam ; bit-of-pork ; cabbage (garden); cake ; cheesecake ; cherry-pit ; cookie ; cornucopia ; etc.

2. BREASTS: Apples; apple sumplings; baby's dinners ; bangers ; basket-of-goodies ; bell-peppers ; bonbons ; Café la Mama; cakes ; cantaloupes ; cherries ; cherry-topped-sundaes ; chestnuts ; coconuts ; cones ; cream-jugs ; cupcakes ; dairies ; etc.

3. WOMEN AS FOOD: angelcake; bird ; bit-of-jam ; cake ; cheese-cake; crumpet ; cupcake ; dish ; eatin' stuff ; honey ; hot dish ; hot patootie ; peach ; peacharooney; peacherino ; poppet; poundcake ; quail ; sweet-patootie ; tomato .

4. PENIS: cucumber ; dill ; kosher-dill .

See Also: a bit of cauliflower, acorns, Adam's dagger, Adam's whip, aperture of bliss, apple dumplings, bags of mystery, bald journey, barking at the ape, bath of birth, bats for the other side, batting for the other side, baume de vie, between hay and grass, bit of cauliflower, bit on the fork, born on the wrong side of the blanket, brat-getting place, breakfast of champion, budgie's tongue, bum bacon, bun, bury the hatchet where it won't rust, chocolate highway, chocolate hole, cloven stamp of female distinction, clover field, clown's hat, coffee house, coffee shop, cracked mortar, custard, custard cannon, Deep, The, devilish thing, dill, dumplings, eel, end of the sentimental journey, envy-city, exploring Carlsbad Caverns, fall off the roof, first game ever played, food metaphor, forecastle, fork, four-legged frolic, front doors, fruit that made man wise, the, furry letterbox, gape over the garter, garden gates, go bed-pressing, goal keeper, goodies, gooseberry grinder, grass, grotto, happy hunting grounds, harp playing, have a bit of fork, have a bit on the fork, hiking the Grand Canyon, hills of paradise, Hinterland, holding on to a family heirloom, Holiday Inn, home sweet home, honorable prick, hopping bug, hot milk, hotdog-a-rama, house of office, ignite the lightsaber, in the hand cream, inner self, interlabial hiatus, interlabial sanctum, interlabial sanctum muliebre, invading Poland, invoking Venus, ivory gate, ivory hills, jam pot, jewel case, jewel without price, kettle, kicking the back door in, kissing the star of love, lady star, lamp of life, lamp of love, lance in rest, last compliment, last favor, last liberties, leather cigar, licks both sides of the stamp, light the lamp, lightening the load, lighting the candle, lighting the pipe, lilies of the valley, lip reading, lipstick on a dipstick, little acorns, little brown eyeball, little drinks, little engine, little kitten, little Mary, little ploughman, living fountain, loading the cannon, lonely art, love custard, love envelope, love scepter, love sheath, love's paradise, love's pick-lock, loves nectar, loves pavillion, loves strawberries, lower cynosure (of the female), machine (of love), machinery, nuts and bolts, main avenue, making the scene with the magazine, making vanilla jism shakes, making yourself at home, mamas box, man-entrapment, manual override, maximize your potency, mcguffies, meaty bites, meggs, meguffies, melting pot, merry widow waltz, middle kingdom, mine of pleasure, missile of Venus launched, mossy doughnut, mother's little helper, mounds of lilies, mount everests, mount of lilies, mouth music, mouth of nature, moving into a one-bedroom apartment, moving the stone, mumbling in the moss, mystic grotto, national indoor sport, navel maneuvers, netherland sanctum, nice pair of eyes, night depository, oak tree, oat bin, okra and prunes, on the waterslide, one man show, one man tug-o-war, one-legged race, open well, open wound, ornaments, padlock, palace gates, palace of pleasure, parallel parking, parting the petals, parting the red sea, parting the waters, peach, peeping sentinel, perishable commodity, picnic lunch, pilgrims staff, Pink Palace in the Black Forest, pink velvet sausage wallet, pioneer of nature, plums, pneumatic bliss, pocket-book, pocketbook, point one's social finger, polish the log, polish the pole, polishing the family jewels, polishing the pearl, pond, portal of love, portal of Venus, praising the orchid, prawn of pleasure, preheating the oven, premises, pressing the pleats, prick-holder, private passages, promised land, pull the duck's neck, pull the pin, pull the pope, pulling the cord, pulling the handbrake, pulling the mule, pulling the pole, pulling the pope, pulling the weed, pulling your goalie, pulling your own leg, pummel the love truncheon, pummeling the priest, punching the clown, punching the puppet, pushing the button, raking the leaves, ravage the innocent, ride sidesaddle, ride the curl, rides a bicycle, riding the elephant trunk of joy, ring for the maid, ringing for the elevator, ringing southern bells, roasting chestnuts, rocking chair, rocking the little man in the boat, roping the long horn, roping the pony, roping the pope, roses, row the little man in the boat, rubbing the rod, rubyfruit, rubyfruit jungle, running the 100-yard dash, sacrifice to Venus, salt basin, salt cellar, sanding the banister, sanding wood, satchel, School of Venus, sea food dinner, secret handshake, secret services, secrets, seed plot, serpent socket, servant's entrance, shaft of Cupid, shake bag, shaking hands with Abraham Lincoln, shaking hands with Jack Mcnasty, shaking hands with Little Elvis, shaking hands with Mr. Happy, shaking hands with Mr. President, shaking hands with the General, shaking hands with the midget, sheath the sword to the hilt, sheer hell, shine the pole, shining the helmet, shining the pole, shock absorbers, shot his great stones, shot up the straight, shuffle the deck, sink of solitude, sleeping beauty, slice of life, snackbar, snap the rubber, snorker, Spanish rice, spare tongue, spice of life, spreading the petals, spunk factories, spunk holders, staff meeting, Stinkhole Bay, sugar basin, swallow a sword, sweater meat, sweater treats, sweet agony, sweet death, sweet rolls, take in cream, talking to the boat people, talking to the canoe driver, telephone the stomach, thatched house (under the hill), theater in the round, traveling past the mason-dixon line, tufted treasure, turnpike, unfurnished apartment, unloading the gun, vertical foreplay, very tasty, wake the butterfly, wallet, watermelons, waxing the car, what Eve did with Adam, what mother did before me, wife in watercolors, wind up the clock, winding the jack in the box, winding the Wurlitzer, windows of the soul, windows to the soul, working in the garden, worshiping the white god of seed

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