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full of oneself:

Conceited; arrogant; egotistic; egocentric; self-centered; self-satisfied; self-complacent; self-important; selfish; vain.
See Also: ablutophilia, acault, amour propre, automysophilia, autonecrophilia, autophobia, bloomers, bubbied, camp around, compulsive sexual activity, excuse oneself from the table, full hand, full house, fulsome, have ones ass in a crack, imago, in gear, in one's Sunday best, in one's Sunday clothes, Irish by birth by Greek by injection, isolophobia, Jewish American Princess, monster shot, mooners, powder one's nose, powder ones puff, rumpus delecti, spectrophobia, thumbnail, Virginia Maylips, waiting for wood, works, the, zaftig, zoftig

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