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gender identity:

1. A persons concept of being male or female.

2. Or: core-gender-identity / CGI , in psychoanalytic theory: a) The innermost experience of oneself as a male (maleness) or female (femaleness). b) An infant's developing sense of self as a boy or girl that occurs in the first years of childhood dependent principally on sex assignment and rearing. c) The combination of physical characteristics, sex chromosomes, fetal gonads and sex-hormones that identify an individual as male or female.

See Also: AEGIS, alternately gendered, bigendered, bisexual libido, brothersister, CG, CGI, chromo, core gender identity, crosswired, dogface, doggie, dumbo, female of the species, the, female variety, the, feminine persuasion, the, feminine variety, the, GD, GEM, gender, gender dysphoria, gender identity, gender variant, GIDAANT, hyperfemininity, hypermasculinity, inner sex, linguistic cross-dressing, lovely variety, the, non-conforming gender, nonconforming gender, omnigendered, pangendered, pansexuality, polygendered, pronoun reversal, sex number, sexual identity, sexual preference, SGO, third set, third sex, thlipsophilist, Tijuana Tuck & Roll, transcengender, transgender, transgendered, transgenderism, transgressively gendered, transhomosexuality, transphobia, transsexualism, transsexuality, truegendered, TWRL, variant expressive

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