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gentle the genitalia:

Of a female, to masturbate . See masturbation-female for synonyms.
See Also: 19-NET, 5-alpha-reductase, altar of love, altar of pleasure, antipudic, aunt Annie, aunt Maria, aunt Mary, autoscopophilia, big V, cachanca, can of brown polish, choca, chocha, chooch, covered way, cunniphrenia, cunny-haunted, cunt torture, dark paradise, discordant genitalia, expose onself, fancy bit, female genitorture, female pudendalia, female pudendum, fingering the clit, fish mitten, forecastle, French fare, front bum, gee-string, gentlemans delight, gentlemans garden, green grove, green meadow, gyno shot, hairy lasso, hairy magnet, hairy pipi, hairy whizzer, holiday money, itching jenny, Jeanette Talia, Jemima, lap it, lower lips, lowlands, male pudendum, material part, middle kingdom, most precious part(s), muffet, muliebra, oat bin, palace of pleasure, pillars to the temple, playing field, pleasure place, promised land, rubyfruit, rubyfruit jungle, sportsmans gap, sportsmans hole, sugar bush, tender box, tender trap, that there, tinderbox, toy shop, triangle of love, tuna town, underworld, upper holloway, virgin treasure, water mill, whisper pot, womans privates, wooter, yellow road, yum-yum cake

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