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give head:

To perform oral-genital-sex on someone. See fellatio and cunnilingus for synonyms.

Quote: Dark Helmet (Rick Moranis) at the sight of a pretty woman in Spaceballs (1987): ' I'll bet she gives great helmet .'

See Also: abnormal forms, acorn, agynophelymity, all diked out, arse over tit, arsey-versey, ass over head, bat one's eyes at, batty about, be crazy about, be cuckoo over, be swept off one's feet, beat the dummy, big head, big T, the, biparous, blow hot and cold, body's captain, bone head, Brummagem buttons, canoodler, cap-a-pie, carrot top, catheads, chador, chrome-dome, conk, cracked on, cry baby, cue-ball, dead nuts on, delivery room, dick wad, dizzy over, double dong, double dude, drape queen, dreambox, drop a pup, dropping a pup, enema, fall in a big way, far gone on, fico, flip over for, gender roles, genitomorphism, get a lot of house, get a shot of leg, give a come-hither look, give a double-O, give someone the once-over, give someone the shaft, give the once over, give the reckless eyeball, give up your face, glans, glans clitoridis, glans clitoris, glans penis, hard head, have one's heart doing back flips, have one's heart doing flip-flips, head, head over heels (in love), head worker, headcheese, helmet, hood bondage, Line of Jewels, little head, look up and down at, love favor, make bedroom eyes at, make eyes at, Mexican hairless, mother damnable, my body's captain, napper, noggin, over head and heels (in love), palpitators, Patess, penis glans, proud, red-assed, silly about, skating rink, skin head, slap head, slaphead, suck off, suedehead, sweating phenomenon, swept off one's feet, swing low, teratophobia, tip out, traveler's aid, turn (someone's) head, turnip, virginhead, weak sister, whoremistress, write out a check, Wunderorgasmusmaschine

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