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go down the line:

To visit the red-light district.
See Also: 1-2-1, ayuga, bed down, bed someone, cat-o-nine-tails, cecum condom, Chill out!, classy chassis, defecation, desperation number, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, fucked by the fickle finger of fate, go caso, go down, go down on (someone), go down route sixty-nine, going down (like a submarine), heart line, Hershey highway, hotline, intermammary cleft, kip, line, line of heart, line-up, love line, mesoseinia, road, route 69, route sixty-nine, shuttle-butt, streamlined, sweetest valley, swelling, travel down route sixty-nine, travel route sixty-nine, treasure trail, up and down, warmest valley, zoo-style

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