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Courtesy title for a dominatrix , a female-dominant in BDSM sexual games. Courtesy titles such as countess , domina ; marquesa , lady , mistress , mistresse, princess , and queen , are usually followed by a name. Examples: Mistress Pain; Countess Storm.
See Also: Afrodite, agalmatophilia, anaphrodisia, aphrodism, Aphrodite, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Athor, bitch goddess, blood and semen cocktail, Cyprian, Demeter, Diana complex, discipliness, dominant bitch, dominatrix, domme, Eros, female dom, female dominant, female dominator, femdom, Freya, Hathor, Ishtar, junoesque, nymphet, Paphian, sex icon, sex symbol, sexual icon, statuophilia, venereal, venery, Venus, Venus vulgivaga, Voluptas, vomit, worship the porcelain god

Quotes Containing goddess:
Emily Ann Faulker/Rita Shawn (Kim Stanley) in The Goddess (1958): ''You know , my first husband used to tell me about how lonely he felt. Now I know what he meant. It''s like the whole world is off someplace else, like an echo.''

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