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hand fuck:

An/the act of male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: 3-Fs, arse-fuck, assed up, B.F.D., big F, the, brachioproctic eroticism, brachiovaginal eroticism, breakthrough, broken balls, bubby heaters, carpopedal spasm, cattle truck, charvered, Chew my shorts!, cock-pluck, darbies, depilation, DF, doing handiwork, Donald, drop anchor down the booby hutch, drop anchor in the bubby hutch, F-ing, F.I.N.E., feck, ferk, fickey fick, firk, fisting, five of clubs, forks, foutering, FTW, fuck, Fuck a duck!, Fuck me gently!, Fuck me pink!, fuck one's fist, fuck princess, fuck rubber, fuck the fist, fuck your fist, fuck-nutty, fuckathon, fucking rubber, fuckle, fuckpig, fucks like a rattlesnake, fucus, fugly, fulke, full house, goose and duck, Han Solo, hand gig, hand jig, hand jive, hand job, hand-made, hand-raised, hand-reared, handballing, handfucking, handmade, hard labor, healers, heterosexism, horse-fuck, Joe Buck, log in, manometer, masturbate, masturbation-male, masturbator, OTOH, petting, push in the truck, R.A.F., raising Lazarus from the dead, right-handed, Russian duck, tactus, three F's, throws a mean fuck, throws a wicked fuck, tits-up, TMFA, tummy-fuck, up your ass!, wanking spanners, zinzanbruck

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