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Or: hypoxyphilia , also known as: asphyxiophilia or asphyxiaphilia , a paraphilic condition in which sexuoerotic arousal and orgasm are dependent on or facilitated by the lack of oxygen produced by self-strangulation or from being strangulated or asphyxiated by a sexual partner , up to, but not including, the loss of consciousness.
ETYMOLOGY: From the Latin, hypoxia , oxygen deprivation, philia , attraction to.
SYNONYMS: erotic strangulation; strangulation-fetish .
SEE ALSO: autoerotic-death ; autoerotic srangulation; rasper ; scarfing ; sexual-asphyxia .

Quote: On-the-scene investigator (Patricia Thompson) explaining the death of a woman by sexual-asphyxia in Rising Sun (1993): ' Individuals sexually aroused by hypoxyphilia , near strangulation. They ask their partner to strangle them or put a plastic bag over their heat while they have-sex . It's easy to make a mistake and go too far .' Capt. John Connor (Sean Connery) calls her: ' She's a rasper .'

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