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pay papa:

C20 th century name for an older man who lavishes money and gifts on a young woman in return for companionship and/or sex or one who supports or contributes to the support of a younger woman .

SYNONYMS: big-game ; candy-leg ; doughed-up-darling , generous-keeper ; gold-mine ; honey-man ; money-honey ; pursonality-papa ; sugar-bowl ; sugar-daddy ; sugar-papa ; sugar-honey .

See Also: big game, brown dollars, call house, candy-leg, dick money, doughed-up darling, gay for pay, gayola, generous keeper, get stiffed, gold mine, honey man, income tax, lay the note, looky-loo, money-honey, payoff queen, pull a trick, pursonality papa, session fee, shell-out, skunk, sugar bowl, sugar daddy, sugar honey, sugar papa, token of sincerity, turkey money, turn a date, turn a trick, ussypay, vacationer, vada

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