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play the male organ:

Of a male, to masturbate . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: arseplay, atelia, athletic supporter, automysophobia, ballad bar, C & B play, calliandrus, captor and captive, cherry-stuffing, chick with stick, coit, coitus a unda, divertissement, eat seafood, erotic congress, fuck music, genital organs, genitalia, genitals, get to third base, gynaecologist, gynecologist, hum a tune (on the flute), human reproductive organs, make mouth music, malaxophobia, male tale, organ, organs of generation, organs of reproduction, organs of the reproductive system, piccolo, play at cock in cover, play footsy, play footsy-wootsy, play in and out, play kissy, play kissy-face, play kissy-poo, play pickle-me-tickle-me, play snuggle-bunnies, play the flute, play the skin flute, play with oneself, reproductive organs, sarmassophobia, sex and reproductive organs, sex organs, sexual atelia, sexual organs, stink-anger, terror play, transsex procedures, vacationer, web, womb

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