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pleasure someone:

To cause someone to have an orgasm . See orgasm for synonyms.
See Also: 9-5-er, ablutophilia, accept a proposal, actirasty, adolescentilism, aesthetically challenged, aesthetically impaired, algolagnic, algolagnist, algophily, algoterpsia, amatory pleasures, anhedonia, animalist, arse up, arsenosadism, autoflagellation, automutilation, B.U., bag off, balls like a scoutmaster, barf someone out, bat one's eyes at, bats for both sides, batting and bowling, batting for both sides, be captivated by, be enchanted by, be fascinated by, be hot for, be outed, be turned on by, be wacky about, become houseproud, become man and wife, beige, bend someone over, bestow one's hand, BFP, bi-gendered, bite the crank, break one's elbow at the church, break out in a rash over, bring on, bring someone off, burn up over, capnogeria, carnal pleasures, carry a bat for, carrying a torch, carrying on an affair, cash in the food stamps of love, cataphilist, caught in flagrante, check it out, coitus delicatus, commit merger, cop off with, coproscopist, couple with, Cruella, cultured, cunniphilemia, Cupid dances on his/her eyelids, DD, defecolagnia, deformity fetishism, diarrhea of the mouth, dirty mind, dishabillophilia, do a line with, do one's kind, do somebody, do the altar thing, do the Mendelssohn March, do the thing, doing a line, dolce vita, drives on the other side of the road, exchange bodily fluids, exchange flesh, eyesore, fall to it, fan someone's tail, father-fucker, for love, fore-pleasure, frat, fuck someone over, fuck someone up, fuck someone's brains out, get a claim check on, get a kick out of, get a leg over, get across, get at it, get between the sheets with, get bundled, get down to it, get exclusive rights to, get going, get in double harness, get into bed with, get into the pants of, get it off with, get it sealed, get on, get on someones wick, get on top of, get parsoned, get some, get someone into the cot, get someone off, get to it, get together with, get welded, get your end away, getting it on, ginchy, girdler, give a come-hither look, give a double-O, give a thrill, give good head, give one a screwing, give one a shot, give oneself in marriage, give someone a burn, give someone the business, give someone the eye, give someone the glad eye, give the come-on eye, give the double-O, give the eye, give the glad eye, give the mash eye, give the ogle, give the once over, give the pash eye, give the reckless eyeball, give tonsil-lectomy, give up one's freedom, go at it, go down and do tricks, go out with, go over the deep end, go to it, go to work with, goer, goes the other way, gratify someone's desires, groom it, grotty, grunter, hang a goober, hard ass, have a banana with, have a bang, have a bit, have a bit of pork, have a bit of rough, have a bit of stuff, have a cuddle, have a good time, have a hankering for, have a jump with, have a nibble, have a piece of ass, have a rattle, have a screw, have a yen for, have affection for, have carnal knowledge of, have coition, have coitus with, have it tied, have one on the brain, have one's foul way with, have one's will with, have personal relations with, have sex with, have sexual relations with, have someone away, have someone by the short and curlies, have the knot knotted, have union with, heavy petting, hedonism, hedonist, hedonistic, hedonophobia, hint of lavender, hint of mint, hitch horses, homophobic, hop into bed with, hotter than a Fourth-of-July hoedown, hubba-hubba, hung on someone, hung up on, hunger for, hygienecally challenged, hyphenate, in heat over, intimate acquaintance, join the household brigade, jollies, jollification, jump in the sack, kick it with, kid-simple, knot with, lacy, lay off with, lay somebody, lay the track, length, lilac, limit, living in sin, look goats and monkeys at, look up and down at, love all to pieces, love's fruits, lust after, make googly eyes at, make someone, make time with, making a hit, marry oneself to, match ends, match with, mess with, mingle with, mixoscopia, mixoscopia bestialis, molest (someone), moneymoon, more or less married, Mr. and Mrs. it, nine-to-fiver, nonprocreative sex, ogler, on fire over, panty pisser, part cheeks, personal relations, phutz, play bouncy-bouncy, play footsy, play footsy-wootsy, pleasure someone, plight one's troth, proposish, pull someone off, pump your nads, put on the (old) noose, put on the ball and chain, put on the double act, put the chill on someone, quit the single state, ravish, ring someone's bell, ring someone's chimes, roll one's eyes at, run one's eyes over, score with, scrumpable, seeing-to, service, set one's cap for, sex toys, side-glance, slip someone a length, socksy, spend the night with, split some buns, spunk up (somebody), stir chocolate, stir fudge, stir shit, suck up to, sweet tooth, take a fancy to, take a roll with, take liberties with someone, take someone to bed, take the final step, take the high dive, take the vows, take to bed, take up with someone, taken with, tampered with, telophile, telophilia, test the mattress, thelyphthoric, There's a smell of gunpowder, thlipsophilist, thlipsosis, tie the knot (that binds), tie the lover's knot, tie the true lover's knot, tie up with, tight pin (somebody), Tonya, torch, toss him off, touchy, transvestism, transvestitism, tried, turn off, turn someone on, united in holy bedlock, untried, vaginal orgasm, variety artist, Voluptas, voluptas sexualis, voluptas veneris, voluptus carne, wacky about, walk down the aisle, walk down the middle aisle, walk the middle aisle, wheel it out, whitewash your guts, wink somebody down, without benefit of who cares, working my last gay nerve, yen for, yummy, zip it out, zip up your fly, zoolagnia, zoom in on, zoom on, zoosadism

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