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politically correct dyke:

Or: PC-dyke , recent coinage for an androdyke who is careful in her language not to offend people who are currently the pet minorities.

SEE ALSO: androdyke ; flannel-shirt-dyke .

See Also: aesthetically advantaged, aesthetically challenged, aesthetically impaired, androdyke, androgynous dyke, Anglican length, B & D dyke, bull-diker, byke, camper, chronologically gifted, commercial body worker, commercial sex worker, consensual non-monogamy, demo dyke, differently hirsute, diked out, dinky dyke, DIT, Dutch girl, enforcer, female-identified, female-oriented, follicularly challenged, gaychick, hair disadvantaged, hermaphrodite dyke, hermaphrodyke, horizontally challenged, hygienecally challenged, hymenally challenged, immuno-compromised, male-identified, male-oriented, non-gender specific, nondiscretionary fragrance, parasitically oppressed, PC, PC dyke, personhood, pre-orgasmic, pre-orgasmic woman, pre-woman, PWA, same gender oriented, scrotopexy, sex care provider, sex industry worker, sex trade worker, sexually dysfunctional, sexually focused chronologically gifted individual, SGO, SM dyke, three wheeled trike, three wheeler, TOD, vertically-challenged

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