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popular body parts:

Or: popular parts of your anatomy , the male genitals . Defined by Michael McKean in Short Circuit 2 (1988) as the parts that loansharks cut off when you fail to pay them. See penis for synonyms.
See Also: 666, agastopia, amateur, anat, arseparts, arvo, Baby Gets Clean, batty rider, bitch heaven, bodily functions, bodmod, body worship, bromidrophobia, bromidrosiphobia, cacti, captain, carnal parts, clamp, clip, cnemoscopy, cunt dracula, depilate, diners' shore, drooly, erogenous zones, female impersonator, feminacy, flab, gay-leria, hafada, half brass, iris, mackadocious, midsection, monopathophobia, natural parts, naturals, nondiscretionary fragrance, oscula me, paddies, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, parts, parts below, Patess, patties, popular body parts, privates, privy parts, PTA, reel in the biscuit, secondary syphilis, T.L.C., tail around, temple of profit, tuck, turgescent, underparts

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