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pubic visitors:

Jocular name for crabs . See pubic-lice for synonyms.
See Also: Apostle's grove, ass mites, Aztec hop, Aztec two-step, Bathsheba, bear trapper's hat, bearded, beetlebonnet, belly bristles, belly thicket, belly whiskers, bermuda triangle, Bombay crud, boys on ice, briar pach, brothel creeper, brown madam, bugs, bushy, Cairo crud, carpet, chatts, clover field, cod cove, cooties, crab lice, crabs, creepers, critters, crumb, crus of the clitoris, crus penis, cunt carpet, cunt down, cunt hair, curlies, curls, curly hairs, Delhi belly, delta, dick scropions, dick wheat, doormat basher, fanny hair, fascinating furpiece, fleece, forest bush, fresh axe wound in a bears back, frizzle, front door mat, front garden, fuck fur, fur, fur below, furry bush, furry mound, furze, furze-bush, fuzz, fuzzies, garden hedge, gentleman's companions, gooseberry bush, grass, green grove, green meadow, hairy axe wound, hairy pipi, hairy whizzer, Hong Kong dog, Kwell, lap bugs, lawn, leg beard, lice, Lice-Enz, light troops, love bugs, lower wig, mat, Mexican fox-trot, Mexican two-step, moss, mot-carpet, mowed lawn, muffet, nits, Nix, Old Frizzle, Our lady of the vapor(s), P.T.A., pant rabbits, papillon d'amour, pediculosis pubis, Pink Palace in the Black Forest, plush, pubephilia, pubic visitors, pubickers, pussy beard, pussy cover, pussy hair, quim wig, quim-whiskers, Rangoon runs, RID, rubyfruit jungle, rug, Sandy McNabs, shattis, short and curlies, silent beard, snatch monsters, social dandruff, steel woolies, strawberry patch, stubble, sugar bush, tail feathers, thicket, Tijuana cha-cha, Tokyo trots, toupee, treasure trail, triangle of love, twat fuzz, twat mat, twat rug, undergrowth, velcro strips, vertical axe wound with sideburns, wig, woolies, zebra fanny

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