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romancing Lady Five Fingers:

Jocular coinage for male masturbation . See masturbation-male for synonyms.
See Also: 9 to 5, bean-jacks, belle boy, buttock-clingers, Chief Boot Knocka, December-May romance, feminine heart pumper, five-finger Mary, five-fingered Annie, four sisters on thumb street, glowmance, heartbreaker, high-voltage sheik, hot flame, knave of hearts, ladies' cherce, ladies' choice, Lady Five Fingers, ladybug, Madam(e) Thumb and her four daughters, man of affairs, Mary Palm, melodromance, Mother Fist and her five daughters, Mrs. Hand and the five fingers, Mrs. Palm and her five daughters, old lady five fingers, powder-room, romantricks, squelching, stink-finger, stinky-finger, sugar-cookie, supper-jet, tea-hound, thriller, ultraviolet wand, veuve poignet, young blade, young buck

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