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In gay terminology, a very aggressive, even cruel and physically abusive partner , often heterosexual .
See Also: A-200, abrasion, acanthophallic, Acyvir, big tender, bubby trader, car-hop, chicklet, Chinese Love Beads, closed door, closed swinging, Clovix, dame de voyage, do the milk run, hard ass, hard mack, hawk, hawk the fork, hawk the mutton, ho stroll, hooker's beat, Kwell, Lice-Enz, Nix, Oriental Love Beads, R.A.F., rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, rough-o, royal fucking, a, Siamese Strings, strawberry, String of Pearls, stringer, stroll, stunt cock, talk game, trolling the toilet, window-tapping, work

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