Sexual DictionaryDictionary of the F-Word


1. Fondling one's genitals for sexual excitement and gratification.

2. Male or female masturbation . See masturbation for synonyms.

See Also: amaurophilia, amor sui, amour propre, analipsation, another way to love, auto-genital stimulation, autoerotic death, autoflagellation, automutilation, autophilia, autosadism, bag-twister, bedventure, beef-tugging, big shit, big shot, big wheel, blended orgasm, buonballs, cable tie, clitus lickus, cocky, coital orgasm, dildoism, eat seafood, erogenous, erotic, erotogenic, erotogenic zones, fancy lip-service, full of oneself, gargle it, get oneself off, he-blow, hose job, inhibited sexual excitement, ISE, jollification, knee-bender, knobble, licking the beaver, lingual titillation, moustache ride, mouth job, muff barking, muff diving, mumbling in the moss, red-appler, say high mass, selbst befriedigung, self-love, self-mutilation, sewer-chewing, sexual climax, sexual orgasm, stink-anger, strangulation fetish, swallow the pipe, swing on some flivver, telophilia, theletage, toad-eater, toady, virgins dream

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