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sex arousing:

Or: sexually-arousing , arousing sexual interest or desire .
See Also: 120 in the shade, acomoclitic, acousticophile, acrotomophile, aggressive pedophile, awaken the libido, basoexia, biter, bring on, burning bush, cherry-pipe, chorophobia, cock in her eye, cock-pleaser, cock-strong, cock-teasing, cockteasing, contrary sex, coprophrasia, D.W.A., deadlier of the species, erotolalia, fecal speech, feel fuzzy, filthy babbling, frigidity, full of beans, geared(-up), get it on, give him rocks, have itchy pants, have the hots, have the itch, have the urge to merge, heteroerotic, homoerotic, hot in the ass, hot in the biscuit, hot number, hot to trot, humpy, hunkorama, hunky, inhibited sexual arousal, ISA, jacked up, jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof, MQ, oiled, packing heat, phone sex, pinup boy, primed, primed for stroking, pump your nads, ready for action, ready for Freddy, run up the pressure, sex arousing, sexobatics, sexually arousing, sizzle, starved for, steamy, talk dirt(y), talk dirty, talk trash, talking dirty, tantalization, tantalolagnia, teasing, thigmacupidus, tittivate, transexion, transvestic fetishism, traumatophiliac, trichophilous, uplifting, weaker vessel, the, wear a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, wear horn-rimmed glasses, xenophile, zelophile

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