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sitting parts:

The buttocks . See buttocks for synonyms. During the shooting of Lifeboat , Mary Anderson asked Alfred Hitchcock which he thought was her best side: ' My dear, you're sitting-on-it .'
See Also: agastopia, amateur, arseparts, arvo, batty rider, carnal parts, commodity, cop a squat, couch dance, cowgirl, female impersonator, feminacy, fence, gape, hafada, half brass, iris, monopathophobia, natural parts, naturals, part cheeks, part someone's cheeks, parts, parts below, popular body parts, private parts, privates, privy parts, PTA, riding the bitch's seat, sit-down, sit-me-down, tail around, tuck, turgescent, underparts, upavishta, upside-down kiss

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