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sleeping partner:

A spouse , a live-in girlfriend or boyfriend, or a sexual partner , male or female, with whom one shares a bed . See wife and husband for synonyms.
See Also: alvinolagnia, amychesis, Australian active, Australian passive, beef on the hoof, brownie queen, brutal breasting, caseo, caught the scent, cheek bite, coitus innuptus, coitus inter digitae, creep, diasteunia, fart sack, funk the duck, hair-job, have to swim underwater to get away from it, hit the deep, hypnophobia, insertor, kip, main hole, master-slave, Qui dormit, non peccat, somniphobia, spanking lovers, stomach fetish, take a turn in the barrel, tea bagging, team player, tummy-fuck, zees, zelophile, zizz, ZZZs

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