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spreader bar:

Device used in BDSM to increase the vulnerability of bottoms by tying their ankles (or knees) to the opposite ends of a bar thus preventing the bottom from protecting or hiding their genitals .
Synonyms: bar ; leg-spreader ; leg-stretcher .
See Also: AC-DC bar, advertising bar, B-girl, ballad bar, bar, bar hustler, barfairy, barfly, bear-garden language, bi bar, bikini bar, bird circuit, booth dance, bottomless bar, bowl of wax fruit, boy's club, BYOB, cafeteria, clit club, cuffs, dating bar, desperation number, house girl, knee spreader, leg spreader, leg stretcher, lighthouse, mixer, nude bar, pimple joint, pimple palace, singles bar, spreader bar, Stonewall Uprising, The, stringer, table dancing, tavern maid, taxi driver, tea dance, three B's, titty bar, titty shake, topless bar, touch dick, touch-me-not garden, tour time, watchtower, wax fruit, wax museum, white-haired bar

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