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swallow the worm:

Or: kiss-the-worm / swallow-a-sword , to fellate . See fellatio for synonyms.

Quote: Richard 'Ditch' Brodie (Charlie Sheen) and KGB agent Chris/Krista Maldova (Natassja Kinski) who just swallowed the worm from a bottle of Mescal in Terminal Velocity (1994):
-- Ditch: ' Watch out for the... Oh, God! '
-- Chris: ' What was that? '
-- Ditch: ' You swallowed the worm .'
-- Chris: ' I was trained to swallow all sorts of things .'
-- Ditch: ' Careful, I may just have to marry you .'

See Also: delicate glutton, kiss the worm, swallow the roe, swallow the worm, yummy down on it, yummy it down, yummy up on it

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