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talking dirty:

Using obscene language to excite, arouse, or help bring to climax . Dirty words have a great capacity for arousing passion and lust and for awakening passion ; obscene and forbidden word are an aphrodisiac, a turn-on.
See Also: ass-a-holic, audiotext, automysophilia, baby talk, bill and coo, billie-coo, breather, bullshit, chat down, chat up, chip the lips, commercial phone sex, computease, Danny Debonaire, deed, diarrhea of the mouth, dirty deed, the, dirty mac brigade, dirty thing, the, dirty work at the crossroads, do the dirty, do the dirty deed, do the dirty thing, draggle-tail, frogging cully, full of wind and piss, gossip, grotty, grungy, hygienecally challenged, lagneuomania, paper ass, phone sex, pussy talk, ratchet-jaw, ratchet-mouth, rolling, sass, sexually focused chronologically gifted individual, smutty, soft nothings, sweet nothings, talk dirty, talk slop, talk trash, telephone sex, TTYL, word freak, zoo-style

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